Blogging and Reverie

They always say females have a lot to talk about. Kinda true.

I made this blog because everyday I talked a lot with my housemate, Reverie. We enjoyed our conversations and we can converse about a lot of things. But in 1.5 weeks I will go back to home country, Indonesia, and as much as I desire to keep in touch, things will not be exactly the same.

You see, me and Reverie, we both are intuitive introverts people. She is airy fairy, rather dreamy, and a little too stubborn in her own fight as a divergent thinker. She treats Twyla Tharp as her bible, she herself does not believe in religion (yet). She loves eggs and makes lots of caramel. Sometimes, they involve burnt meat too (haha). She wears silk, tailored dresses from Vietnam. She writes on scrapes of paper, her notebooks ideas and thoughts are all over the place, and yet she has one of the neatest room I’ve ever seen.

Me, I am a lot different. I am a Christian, an almost stout believer who will rebel if you say bad things about Him. To me, He is my only beacon of hope, the one whom I’ve taken for granted and hurt numerous times but still able to accept me back when I repent. He is perfect. Sometimes my faith wanders, and I wish I don’t! 😦 anyway back to topic.

Apart from our vastly different foundations, I love having her as my housemate. My room might not be the neatest (esp when I have too many things in my head), and I do wish I have one silk tailored dress, but we talk. Heaps.

We connected from the moment we realised we love Sherlock, the BBC series! We loved the British series, its masculine, witty script, the English countryside and the dense London city sceneries we were fed with. While I love the criminal side and the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch was one husband material*, and she is fascinated by the love between Holmes and Watson, we clicked.

*he went to Tibet to teach English when he was 16 – how many 16-year-old did this – , he hates people who lied, and his biggest disappointment in life was that he is not a dad by 32! well.. things might change now that he is famous..  guys and fame. guys and wealth. dont get me wrong, I’m all up for him being successful. but those traits, I hope he still have them.

After that, it was easy. We talked about life, my project with Meld Magazine (online magazine for international students in Melbourne), her thesis, feelings, family, personalities (MBTI – countless hours spent), dreams, holidays, faith, future plans, fears, cries, cookings, recipes, baking, coffee, tea, England, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, chinese movies, chinese songs, China, Vietnam, vietnamese songs, vietnamese history, journals, cultural studies, asian studies, lime & bird, PhD scholarships, JohtSon.. basically everything under the starry sky. She reminded me of my love of creativity, which, went out the window when I abandoned dance and was too occupied with 2012 issues. I reminded her that there is a Lord God, bigger than all things out there, who loves all His creations and has been taking care of her all this time.

Around mid-March 2013, I voiced my woes that as I am very used to speaking with her I will feel a massive hole when I go back. I said maybe blogging will help, but she said “I cannot maintain a blog because no one is reading them.” BAM. the moment when someone understands exactly how you feel. You see, I do have hidden blogs before, and even a hidden tumblr account, to scream back at the universe for my fate, asking this or that pain to stop. But they all didnt last. So I want to write differently now. Right now, I want to write daily things in a much more positive light, because even in my deepest downs of 2012, I have been blessed with enough food, shelter, clothing & emotional support. Most importantly, I have been led back to an even stronger faith in Christ.


We then promised to keep in touch by blogging (though hers is a bit more poetic than mine.. -__-), to keep the friendship forever.

So Reverie, this is for you. For that tearful, regretful day when we start to walk on different paths and turn to be mere infrequent-calls friends. Of course I wish that day never come. I wish I can record these times and replay them again anytime I want to. I will be forever grateful if we can remain good friends forever.

But as we both know from our own past experiences with our previous friends.. things probably will not be the exactly the same.

Let this post help us reminisce the good times. Let this make us cherish those moments, one more time. Let this propel us to pick up the phone and call each other again, or even meet up, wherever we may be in the world.

Thank you for this friendship, Reverie. I am grateful.

“Many of us have walked or are walking our separate ways…it hurts to know, it’s sad to realise, but I take comfort to have known you for all those great times before the inevitable.” Ethel Chan, 2011


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